New Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Tablet Will Only Cost $199 But There Are A Few Catches

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Lyncshield Adds External Devices Protection To Its Lync Security Offerings – Yahoo Finance

“Following the introduction of our solutions for secure mobile Lync connectivity, customers asked us to develop a similar solution for external devices,” said Guy Eldan, CEO of AGAT Software Solutions, which developed LyncShield. “LyncShield is an ideal security suit for any organization looking to allow its workers to connect to its Lync client, regardless of where they are and which device they are using.” LyncShield, which was originally developed to support mobile devices, is now ready to solve the special needs of organizations that use fat client(thick client) for desktops and laptops, Eldan added. LyncShield offers the following features: Active Directory credentialsprotection -defining dedicated credentials that are different from the Active Directory credentials to minimize damage and risk in case of a stolen or lost device, or if the credentials are hacked. Two-factor authentication -by matching the device and user, the organization can limit users to using only corporate devices or specific devices that meet the company’s security requirements. Account lockout protection (DDoS protection) – preventing account lockout for organizations that wish to safely connect computers from outside the corporate network to their Lync edge access control server. Reverse proxy Lync publishing -scalable, event-driven and secure reverse proxy alternative for Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) to publish Lync. The latest release of LyncShield offers an identical security solution for both mobile and external devices in terms of functionality and user experience, allowing hydride deployment to be securely deployed. About AGAT Software Solutions AGAT is a development company specializing in security applications anddigital signature solutions. Its client base comprises government offices,banks and insurance companies. For more information, visit .

How To Be A Highly Competitive Mobile Developer

Since Americans are consumed by their smartphones alone for about an hour per day (a figure that doesn’t even account for tablet/other electronic media usage), most companies need highly skilled mobile developers to adapt their website or service to mobile usage. Generally, enterprises and startups alike are adapting their products or services to the two biggest names in mobile technology: iOS and Android. Android is outpacing iOS in the job market by a landslide While both iOS and Android skills are highly in-demand, employers are hiring Android developers much faster and more often than any other professionals in mobile tech. Is this because the Android platform is better? Thats debatable. One thing is for sure: Hundreds of Android-supported mobile devices have blown up in popularity, and Android currently dominates the global market share. “The growth of the Android market has had a ripple effect on the job market,” says Matt Miller , CTO at CyberCoders , a subsidiary of On Assignment, Inc . “For mobile programmers who specialize and are familiar with the Android operating system, there is no better time to improve your Android skills and look for a job.” CyberCoders team of data scientists analyzed more than 3,700 mobile development job placements over the harga blackberry last two years. Below is a summary of the findings. Jobs posted for Android positions grew by 110% from 2012 to 2014, compared to 54% for iOS jobs.

Isis Displaying A Deft Command Of Varied Media

A fighter of the Islamic State stands guard near the city of Baiji, north of Baghdad June 19, 2014.

Experts say that could change overnight, but for now it sharply distinguishes ISIS from Al Qaeda, which has long made attacks on the West its top priority. Read More President Obama on ISIS: ‘We Don’t Have a Strategy Yet’ And while ISIS may be built on bloodshed, it seems intent on demonstrating the bureaucratic acumen of the state that it claims to be building. Its two annual reports so far are replete with a sort of jihadist-style bookkeeping, tracking statistics on everything from “cities taken over” and “knife murders” committed by ISIS forces to “checkpoints set up” and even “apostates repented.”

Long-term battle with ISIS: Pro

Discussing how strong of a threat ISIS is to the United Kingdom and the U.S., with John Browne, Euro Pacific Capital.

ISIS media frames its campaign in epochal terms, mounting a frontal assault on the national divisions and boundaries in the Middle East drawn by Western powers after World War I. These “Crusader partitions” and their modern Arab leaders, ISIS argues in its English-language magazine, were a divide-and-conquer strategy intended to prevent Muslims from unifying “under one imam carrying the banner of truth.” That sense of historical grievance is an old theme for Al Qaeda and more moderate Islamist groups. The difference is that by capturing expansive territory and heavy weaponry, and flush with wealth from kidnappings, oil piracy, bank robbery and extortion, ISIS claims to have taken a major first step toward righting what it sees as this ancient wrong, creating a unified Muslim state that will subsume existing nations. ISIS carefully tailors its recruiting pitch, sending starkly different messages to Muslims in the West and to those closer to home. But the image of unstoppable, implacable power animates all of its messaging. The pitch is effective. The militant rebellion in Syria and Iraq has drawn as many as 2,000 Westerners, including perhaps 100 Americans, and many thousands more from the Middle East and elsewhere, though some have returned home. Experts believe most of those remaining today are fighting with ISIS. Read More US Military Campaign Against ISIS May Cost $15 Billion a Year “The overriding point is that success breeds success,” said Emile Nakhleh, a former C.I.A.